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Network Penetration Testing

  • 1. Complete Cyber Audit report on the Network.
  • 2. Determining OS and network vulnerabilities and patching them.
  • 3. Complete report on the routers, switches, and ports that are used.
  • 4. Upgrading to all latest versions and patching of the all vulnerabilities.
  • 5. Cyber Security Recommendations.
  • 6. Complete pen testing after the vulnerabilities are patched.
  • 7. Checking each routers,firewalls,Switches for latest firmware updates.
  • 8. Framing firewall rules if necessary.


The Network Penetration Process begins with a comprehensive survey of your network including architecture mapping and a complete network scan.


Once fingerprinting is concluded, a vulnerability scan is completed using automated scanning with access to a vulnerability database, where any vulnerabilities and exploits are verified.


The testing process continues with port scanning and war dialing that includes scanning open ports, closed ports, and filtered ports.


Using manual verification and password cracking, available exploits are checked and retested if necessary to validate results before reports are produced.


After scans are complete, OS fingerprinting is conducted evaluating OS type, patch level, and system type followed by protocol identification.


On conclusion of a network penetration test, comprehensive reports are created to provide findings, suggest solutions, and make recommendations.