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Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and by the use of data. It is seen as a part of artificial intelligence.

Data Science is the knowledge of gathering information from various sources on the internet. It is the art of gathering knowledge that is not readily available by conventional methods. After gathering the data, the field of Data Science also incorporates the knowledge of making sense out of the data and generating strategies to flourish business.

There are several fields in which the knowledge of Data Science is invaluable. Fields such as health care, space exploration, automotive technology as well as sports require the in-depth knowledge of Data Science. Also, it is helpful in creating successful business models and implementing strategies that allow a company to make crucial marketing decisions.

R and machine learning is also closely integrated with the field of Data Science in Chennai. By the use of computational power, an expert in the field of R and machine learning in Chennai can study the market trends and define parameters for the success of a company.

Course Modules

    1. Jupyter overview
    a. Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
    b. Virtual Environments

    2. Python Crash Course
    a. Basics of Python
    b. Datatypes
    c. Operators
    d. Conditionals
    e. Loops
    f. Functions

    3. Data Analysis – NumPy
    a. Introduction
    b. NumPy Arrays and Indexing
    c. NumPy Operations

    4. Data Analysis – Matplotlib

    5. Machine Learning
    a. Introduction
    b. Linear Regression
    c. Logistic Regression
    d. KNN Theory

    6. Clustering and Analysis
    a. K Means Clustering
    b. Principal Component Analysis

    7. Natural Language Processing
    a. Introduction and Theory
    b. Deep Dive – Part I
    c. Deep Dive – Part II
    d. Deep Dive – Part III