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Cyber soldiers in the world – how to become a military hacker? Nowadays there is an enormous development of military sense cyber-attack capabilities all around the world. Either in the United States, Europe and Asia more and more countries recruit experts who can hack into another country’s information system and can collect information or destroy it using the hacker methods.

In order to strengthen our Cyber Space from hackers, Zybeak Technologies coined a Special Syllabus incorporating the high-end Information Security Technologies more suitable for Cyber Warriors.

For the fulfilment of Social Obligations, Zybeak Technologies is ready to offer this unique Fully hands on Classroom/Online Training to Indian Defense/Police/College Students at cost price. Price will vary depends upon the number of students in a batch. Zybeak Technologies is ready to deliver the Training at your place across India if enough students are there. For more details, please contact Mr Ram, General Manager. (9444946232/9884000474/[email protected]).

Course Modules:

  • 1. Introduction to Hacking, Cyber Forensic and Penetration Testing
  • 2. Information Gathering : Knowing Your Target
  • 3. Understanding Network Terminologies
  • 4. Vulnerability Analysis
  • 5. Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 6. Compromising Web Applications and Web Servers
  • 7. Investigating Web Attacks
  • 8. Network Hacking
  • 9. Database Injection
  • 10. Bypassing Firewalls
  • 11. Email Crime Investigation
  • 12. Anti Forensics Techniques
  • 13. Steganography and Image File Forensics
  • 14. Mobile Hacking
  • 15. Wireless Hacking
  • 16. Password Cracking
  • 17. Pentesting Reports
  • 18. Cryptography
  • 19. Advanced Hacking Technologies
  • 20. Malware Writing